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Our Mommys Kitchen

Step into the Warm Embrace of Gujju Mummy's Kitchen! Let Your Taste Buds Dance with Joy as You Indulge in the Timeless Delights of Authentic Gujarati Home Cooking. Our Dishes Are Lovingly Crafted with the Same Care and Passion as Mummy's, Bringing You a Burst of Flavor that Will Leave You Craving for More. From the Aroma of Freshly Made Poha to the Irresistible Savory Delights, Every Bite is a Journey to the Heart of Gujarat's Culinary Legacy through Hands and Heart of our Beloved Mom. So Gather Your Loved Ones, Share a Plate of Goodness, and Immerse Yourself in the Unforgettable Tastes of Gujarati Cuisine from Gujju Mummy!

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Khao pio ne majja ma Raho Dikra!!

"I live to cook and travel"..


- Bhavna Kankeshwar

This is What Our 
Mom say..

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ભાવના કનકેશ્વર

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